About us

We are a small
company focused mainly on metalwork and locksmith production.
Our main goal is the quality of the product and the satisfaction of out customers.


We will manufacture any steel structure (assembled or welded) for you.
We will provide everything on a turnkey basis: expert consultation, orientation, technical preparation, purchase of material and production it self we will provide surface treatment of the product (according to the costomer´s wishes).
We will deliver the finished product to you, install it and put it into operation.
We will then give you all the information about the product.
Metal pallets
 Production of both open and semi-closed even fully closed 
  • High Strength
  • Dimensions according to the costomer´s wishes
  • Surface finish
Garden furniture ! (we prepare) !
 Among the benefits
  • Material strength
  • Long life
  • Surface treatment (according to the costomer´s wishes)
  • More possibilities
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior (garden)

Custom made 

We will make metal fences, both sliding and wing gates (automatic or material)for you. Stairs, railing, window grills, footbridges, platforms and many other metal products.
Newly also aluminum products such as goals. rolling gates.

small products

Gift products such as medals, alcohol under lock and key.